MLB Baseball Betting: New York Yankees at Toronto Blue Jays

MLB Baseball Betting:  New York Yankees at Toronto Blue Jays&h=235&w=320&zc=1

No hockey in Canada with the Stanley Cup Playoffs starting on Wednesday with sixteen US based NHL teams. There is baseball going on in Toronto and a very good game on Tuesday night as the Blue Jays host the New York Yankees at the Rogers Center. The Blue Jays enter the year with high expectations and many baseball pundits have tabbed them to reprise their AL East championship season from a year ago. So far they’ve been treading water with a 3-4 record. Then again, everyone in the division is treading water with the exception of 6-0 Baltimore. The Yankees are 3-2 on the season so far.

One good thing for Toronto Blue Jays bettors–they’ve been perpetually undervalued in the past few seasons. Or it could be that so many of the other teams in their division–particularly the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox–are perpetually overvalued. In any case, the Jays have been a nice investment for their ‘financial backers’ over the past three years and especially so at home where they’re 103-68 +12.8 units. On the flip side, they haven’t been a team that starts the season strong. In the month of April over the past three seasons the Jays are 26-30 -7.4 units. The Yankees, meanwhile, have done the opposite–they’ve started strong and slumped down the stretch. April has been good for the Yankees over the past three seasons and they’ve gone 31-22 +7.1 UNITS.

Another area for comparison–the Yankees have not played well against their divisional rivals going 77-75 -10.7 units. Note that they’ve got a record above .500 in these games but have lost double digit units. Typically, this happens when a team is overrated relative to their competition and that is clearly the case here as many baseball fans think that the pinstripes on the uniform give this team some sort of magic power. The Yankees have also lost money against right handed starters (123-109 -8 units) and in night games (110-108 -14 units). Again, we’ve got two situational breakdowns where they’ve got a record over .500 but have lost money.

The Blue Jays took care of business against the Yankees in head to head play last season going 13-6 +6.5 units and we expect more of the same this year.


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