MLB Baseball Betting: Toronto Blue Jays at Boston Red Sox

MLB Baseball Betting:  Toronto Blue Jays at Boston Red Sox&h=235&w=320&zc=1

The final day of the 2016 regular season is here and it looks like the Toronto Blue Jays have done just enough to secure a playoff berth. The Jays scrapped out a win over the Boston Red Sox on Saturday and with Baltimore losing to the Yankees there aren’t many bad scenarios for Toronto. The Jays and Orioles are tied atop the wild card table with identical 88-73 records though Toronto holds the tie breaker. If both teams win on Sunday, they both go to the postseason with Toronto hosting the wild card game at the Rogers Centre. But here’s where it gets interesting–Detroit is 86-74 and depending on what happens on Sunday might play a makeup game against Cleveland at home on Monday. That game would become necessary if Detroit wins on Sunday and either Baltimore or Toronto lose. The most interesting scenario would be to have *both* Toronto and Baltimore lose on Sunday and Detroit beat Atlanta on Sunday and Cleveland on Monday. That would set up a three way playoff for the wildcard spots. The Mariners have been eliminated with a 9-8 10 inning loss on Saturday. In typical Seattle fashion, they had the tying run on second with one out and on third with two outs.

That makes this game huge and for now it’s ‘off the board’ as the various matchup permutations all shake out. Making it all the more interesting, Boston also has something to play for–Cleveland has a 1/2 game better record and the Red Sox would like to have home field advantage in their ALDS matchup. The Rangers have already clinched the best record in the American League. The good news for Toronto–they still control their fate and even should they lose on Sunday they’ll do no worse than host a wild card tiebreaker game at the Rogers’ Centre.

At the moment, David Price is the listed pitcher for Boston while Anabel Sanchez is Toronto’s probable starter. That can change, of course, but with every game on the board starting at 3:05, 3:10 or 3:15 it won’t be due to a previous result. Just no way to handicap this game at this point but the good news is that the Jays’ season will continue for at least two more games.


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