NHL Betting Picks: Montreal Canadiens at Buffalo Sabres

NHL Betting Picks:  Montreal Canadiens at Buffalo Sabres&h=235&w=320&zc=1

The Montreal Canadiens, to their credit, have not quit on the season despite having every reason to do so. After a tremendous start to the season they’ve lost goaltender Carey Price likely for the year and that’s not the only issue. They’re technically alive for the playoffs but have little chance of qualifying.
The Buffalo Sabres also have very little chance of qualifying for the playoffs. In fact, they have no chance. They have a better chance of qualifying for the draft lottery again. And that’s the crux of the handicap here. They had the second pick in the draft lottery last year and chose a young man out of Boston University named Jack Eichel. Although he’s been subjected to ‘Connor’s Better’ chants in Edmonton that’s really unfair. McDavid is a ‘generational player’. Eichel is the type of player that will be a perrineal NHL All Star and probably win a few scoring titles. He may not be Wayne Gretzky or Sidney Crosby but he might very likely be Mike Bossy or Brett Hull. And every team can use a scoring machine that they can count on for 40 goals plus per season.

Eichel didn’t pick up the NHL game as quickly as McDavid but he’s become super confident over the past month. And he has been putting on a show over the past few weeks culminating with his game winning goal against the Carolina Hurricanes a few days back. In overtime. With *one second* left in overtime. Any NHL player would have been forgiven for being too anxious, rushing the shot, over playing it. Not Eichel. Apparently with ice water in his veins Eichel skated in, deked the goalie and deposited a deft, soft backhand right between his legs. It was like those James Bond movies where he stops the atomic bomb from exploding with 0:07 left on the timer. Lest we forget, Eichel is a rookie and showed poise that would have been otherworldy for a ten year veteran.

Bottom line–at this point of the season motivated players that are still excited to compete on a nightly basis are game changers. The Canadiens haven’t quit but they can’t wait for the season to end. Jack Eichel and teammate Sam Reinhart are just having fun learning how good they can be in the NHL.


PS–if you haven’t seen Eichel’s OT winner do yourself a favor and Google it. It’s sick.

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