NBA Basketball Betting: Golden State Warriors at Cleveland Cavaliers

NBA Basketball Betting:  Golden State Warriors at Cleveland Cavaliers&h=235&w=320&zc=1

Canada’s basketball fans can take some solace from the first two games of the NBA Finals. There’s no way that the Toronto Raptors would have fared any worse against the Golden State Warriors than have the Cleveland Cavaliers. To say that Golden State has ’embarrassed’ the Cavs is an understatement. The Cavs had the first game of the series served up to them on a silver platter. The Warriors had to come back from a 3-1 deficit against the Oklahoma City Thunder to eventually win that series in seven games. Golden State faced the dreaded ‘Game Seven Hangover’ situation as their series against Cleveland began. Making it more problematic, the Cavs were rested and by their account at least, ready.

The Cavs could have taken a month off between their last series and the NBA Finals and it wouldn’t have mattered. The Warriors have dominated Cleveland in every phase of the game. Cleveland has tried to ‘go big’ against the Warriors and use their size and strength. That’s what a lot of teams tried to do during the regular season and it worked…never. That’s why the Warriors went 73-8 during the regular season. They’re a matchup nightmare. The Warriors have also taken care of LeBron James and make life miserable for him. Kevin Love is ‘questionable’ for this game. Nothing is going Cleveland’s way.

The script usually works like this–teams like Cleveland lose both games on the road and then come home and are rejuvenated. That’s why teams that started the NBA Finals 0-2 on the road are 66% winners in Game Three at home. That being said, don’t look for Cleveland to pull their head out and make this a series. Canada has another thing to be happy about–they have only one NBA team while the US has 29. The NBA is a joke right now with 29 teams that range somewhere from ‘slightly below mediocre’ to ‘slightly above mediocre’–and the Warriors. It’s amazing how much mileage that Golden State gets out of doing what is expected in the National Hockey League–and used to be expected in the NBA. They show up and play hard and play as a team. That’s why they’ll win Game Three and sweep the Cavaliers to win another NBA Title.


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