T.J. Oshie Makes Amends With Young Blues Fan

T.J. Oshie Makes Amends With Young Blues Fan&h=235&w=320&zc=1

T.J. Oshie’s recent trade to the Washington Capitals was not universally liked in St. Louis–Oshie is one of the real class guys in a league full of them so obviously Blues’ fans hated to see him go. One fan, in particular, took exception to the trade. That was 5 year old Libby Liu who was featured in a viral video crying about Oshie leaving the team. She concluded that she could no longer be a fan of Oshie since he was playing for the Washington Capitals.

Oshie took action to mend fences with Liu. He called her on July 5th to see if she had any questions for him. She asked Oshie if he had a swimming pool in his house to which he responded: “I’m building a house right now and there’s a swimming pool going in. If you’re even up in Minnesota and want to swim in a swimming pool, you can come on over.” He then explained that it was OK for her to be a fan of both the Blues and the Capitals: “Thanks for being such a good fan. I think it’s OK if you’re a fan of two teams, especially if I’m going out to the Eastern Conference and St. Louis is in the Western Conference.”

Oshie made one last promise to the 5 year old fan: “Once I figure out my number, you’re getting a jersey.” Earlier this week he made good on that promise, sending Liu a signed #77 Capitals jersey Oshie along with a Slapshot figurine, mini sticks and a helmet.

Oshie is reportedly out of the dog house with Liu. Oshie became one of the most popular members of the US Olympic team in Sochi due to his skill in shootout situations. He impressed fans off the ice as he teams with his then Blues teammate David Backes to rescue a number of the homeless dogs in the Russian city. Oshie has dedicated himself to a variety of charities including Alzheimer’s disease. Oshie’s dad, Tim, was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease several years ago and the family’s courage through the experience has gained a good deal of media notoriety.

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